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Most of my drawings are done by hand with a reference photo nearby. Though, I have a few that are completely original and made by me. Enjoy! c:


Fan Masky Hoody2 by Ashiva-K-I

Time had become such a trivial thing as of late. The day after your last encounter with that recurring sultry voice had given way into the next day... and the day after that... and the day after that. Soon enough the calendar read Thursday, your day off for the week, and you had it set in your mind that you were going to spend the day doing the things you actually enjoyed as opposed to stressing over everything that flew through your mind. One thing that was at the top of your internal to-do list was to check by that little coffee shop for a bit. What with not being able to contact the man you'd met there only days ago, you presumed that the best course of action was to simply hope he appeared. The notion itself was foolish, and of this you were aware, but something was urging you pop in the warm little coffee house.


The sound of your footsteps resonated through the chilly air that was surrounding you, only interrupted by the chiming of the coffee shop's bell as you opened the door. Warmth enveloped you quickly, allowing a smile to spread across your lips. Inside the cozy little building there were several others sitting at the few tables sporadically placed around the shop. None of them caught your eye, and to your dismay none of them were the face you had been hoping to see.

What's wrong with me?! You thought, a small frown burrowing its way into your lips. It was unrealistic to expect him to be here; you knew that. And yet you still found yourself craving his smile... his voice. The way he looked at you. It was all too much, and it was all lingering in your mind far too often. Only now did you notice that you had ordered and paid for a beverage of some sort. Your name was being called at the counter, and the barista looked mildly confused as to why you were standing in the middle of the room, unresponsive. A rosy blush seeped onto your cheeks and as quickly and low-profile as possible, you picked up the drink from the counter and scuttled outside.

Upon finally having escaped the tension filled room behind you, you sat in one of the metal chairs placed on the fenced in patio. Though you hadn't intended to, you sat in the exact spot you had when Tim spoke to you. You shook your head swiftly as if to clear all such thoughts and sipped away at your coffee. The taste was rather nice for coffee- or at least compared to any coffee you'd had before- and you found yourself taking bigger and bigger sips each time. It didn't take you long at all to finish the steamy drink, and once you had your eyes fluttered up only to meet with a pair of familiar ones.

Luke, one of your coworkers, smiled at you through the glass separating the store and the patio attached to it. He quickly picked up his own drink and made his way over to you. "Ah! It's rather nice to see you here," his voice, you noticed, was calmer and more smooth than it was at work. A useless observation about someone you'd known for quite some time, but still.

"Yes, well," you started, only to pause for a moment in hesitation. It wasn't like you could just tell him that you came here intentionally looking for someone you'd only met once. "it's a rather pleasant shop."

Luke nodded along with your words, smile growing a bit. "It indeed is... I was unaware you spent anytime in this part of town, (y/n)." 

You laughed a bit before responding, "I actually live nearby."

The two of you chatted mindlessly for sometime before you both decided it was best to be heading home. As you stood, you noticed a figure standing motionless in the street. It seemed to be staring at you, but before you could study it much further, Luke's shoulder broke your line of site and soon the mysterious figure had disappeared. Your friend offered to drive you home, but you politely declined and began the trek home with a buzzing head. You were so detached, in fact, you didn't notice when rain started to peck at your cheeks. Your mind did not process such a fact until you were standing in the pouring rain, soaked through to the bone. A smile creased your lips before you continued on.


As you neared your house your eyes settled on the thin frame of a brown-haired man standing several feet away from the steps leading up to your porch. The closer you got, the clearer the image became and to your delight the face was indeed a familiar one. Tim stood motionless in the rain. His hair had become glued to his forehead, and his clothes were sticking to him in a rather uncomfortable-looking manner. However, what had peaked your interest was his expression. His eyes looked glossy, almost glazed over, and his lips formed a thin line.
Masky x Reader -- Rain Part Four
Wow, this is so late. Anywho, I now have a new laptop and have the next 4 chapters pre-planned. To make up for my long absence, I will be posting all 4 within the next few days. I really enjoyed writing this one, so I hope you enjoy reading it! Feel free to comment and give me any other ideas for stories you'd like to see me write! Thank you guys for being so nice and warm! It gave me the inspiration to keep up with this story!

Bullet; Black Art (c) Ashiva-K-I
Bullet; Black Masky (c) MarbleHornets
Bullet; Black Story & Plot (c) xx-schizophernia-xx (me)
Bullet; Black You (c) You

Everything belongs to their original owner. c:

Part Three: Masky x Reader -- Rain Part Three


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United States
There really isn't much to say about me. I guess I've always had a passion for art, even as a small child. My mother and I watched Disney movies together all the time and my father and I watched anime. Those two things combined, I believe, have given me my interest in art.

I've lived in the US my entire life, but I plan on moving to Sweden for college and living there for the remainder of my life. (If that doesn't go as planned, I'll probably end up in Italy) I've always been intrigued by Sweden (Totally not because I'm one eighth Swedish) and their culture. I find everything about it... well amazing. c:

Aside from traditional drawing, I also practice photography, digital art (on my amazing Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet with the Artrage program), and I write. Currently, I have one role playing site that is my heart and soul. You should check my account out and maybe even make one yourself:
My current screen name is:

That's about all I can think of right now. c: So,


August Burns Red Stamp by hafoot || A Day to Remember by hafoot || Asking Alexandria by hafoot

Death Note Stamp by Neyjour || Death Note: L Stamp by PyroStorm


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